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Join our PURELEI Crew

Do you have a thirst for adventure and travel? Do you love taking beautiful photos on your social media? Do you want to earn commission modeling our jewelry? Then join our PURELEIgirl Crew!

Sign up for our Purelei Affiliate program today and start earning commission to show off our beautiful pieces to your friends, family and social media following.


1. Sign up for free and without obligation below!
2. We will approve your account and activate a 10% discount code that you personally create in the sign up form.
3. Purchase the PURELEIgirl Affiliate Starter Pack below for a perfect combination of pieces to start showing off!
4. Share your discount code with friends, family and your social media following!
5. On every purchase that uses your discount code, you will receive 10% commission at the end of each month in the form of a gift card for our online shop starting at $10 dollars.

    Is it really that easy? - Yes, it is! What are you waiting for?



    sign up here!

    Any questions? Please contact us at







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